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TUBE LURES- Open Hook Method - by Randy Yarnall

Tube lures have passed the test of time proving to be a versatile lure of choice and will catch a wide variety of fish all year long
Tubes can be hopped, swum, drug, dead-sticked, crawled, and vertical jigged; along with methods of drop-shotting, Texas-rigging, Carolina rigging, nose-hooking, open jig hooking, and split-shotting--- to name a few.
Rigging a tube lure using the open hook method greatly increases the odds for hook-ups especially on deep fish, shallow spooky fish, or non-aggressive fish.
This procedure is favorable, but not limited, to a rocky bank or bottom, open water with slight structure, or grassy areas that are still in the growing stage with firm, green stems and sparsely located.
Matching the weight and the line size to the conditions at hand will make a big difference for attaining the best lure presentation, and alleviating hang-ups as much as possible. When the lure does seem to hang up, forcing it will only drive the hook deep into whatever is there; so use soft hands and slightly work the lure, allowing natural buoyancy to work it through.
Fully insert the jig head into the tube head, breaking the eyelet through the soft plastic. Applying a paste scent attractant to the lead head, like MegaStrike, will allow the lead head to slide inside the tube with ease.
Make sure the hook body is parallel from where the eyelet protrudes through the head to where the curve of the hook passes through the tentacles of the tube. Tear off the tentacles that come in immediate contact with the hook shank on both sides.
By following this process, the tube lure will track straight to you when reeled, swum, or drug. If the retrieved lure comes back in a conical pattern, the alignment needs to be tweaked in order to portray a natural swimming presentation, and more importantly—avoid line twist.
Running the lead head partially into the tube is another practice that at times will produce a better bite, but keep in mind that line twist is imminent. Getting through the day without having to change out fishing line will be a bonus.
There is a wide variety of jig hooks available. Each one has a specialized application for different conditions. Multi-shaped heads, eyelet angle, hook length and gap, and hook hardness all come into play for the diverse obtainable ecosystems.
Adding rattles, foam, scent, or pop rocks, are a few of the many tricks used to enhance the performance of the lure.
Please take care on the water, good fishing and have a blessed day.

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